Notify Us About a Move

For safety, security and communications purposes, it is essential for your management agent to know who resides in each unit of your condominium association. In the event of a medical, fire or maintenance emergency, responding personnel need to know who resides in the units affected by the emergency.

To ensure that The Lundgren Management Group, Inc. has the most accurate resident information, please complete the moving notification form below or download the form and return it to The Lundgren Management Group, Inc. each time someone moves in or out of your unit.

Please be sure to provide all new residents with the condominium association’s moving policy and a copy of the condominium’s rules & regulations and/or handbook. If you do not have copies of these, you may contact The Lundgren Management Group, Inc. to obtain them at no charge.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and helps make your condominium association a better and safer place to live.


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