Request Sale/Refinance Information and Documents

Selling and/or refinancing a condominium unit can be overwhelming. You should expect to receive multiple requests for documentation from your bank, brokers, and/or buyers at various stages of your sale/refinance.

We are happy to assist you by supplying copies of documents and filling out lender affidavits, to the best of our ability, as needed in order to facilitate your transaction.

If you need documents or information about your association for your transaction, please take a moment to review all of the forms and information below. This will help you determine what steps you will need to take in order for our office to supply the requested information for your unit.

If you are a broker, agent or buyer, please note that the current unit owner is responsible for the signing and submitting of all request and release forms in order to ensure that the proper authorization has been provided.

If you are not the unit owner (i.e. broker, buyer, lender, agent, etc.) and you need information regarding a specific condominium association, the owner of the unit must authorize Lundgren Management to release certain information to any third party. Please download our Release Authorization Form and have it signed by the unit owner(s) before submitting it to Lundgren Management. For sales, buyers must also sign this form if this is for a sale transaction.

Our Sale/Refinance Document Order Form is needed to order condominium documents, condo questionnaires, or a 6(d) certificate.

Form Downloads

New 2022 Sale/Refi form now available

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