Make a Payment - Personal Bank’s Bill Payment Service

Most banks now offer an automated bill-pay service which will submit a payment for you on a one-time or auto-recurring basis. You should ensure that you have set up your condominium as a “Payee” or “Biller” properly using the information below so that your bill payment is processed correctly.

The Payee/Biller Name is the actual name of your condominium (Boston Condominium, Georgia Heights Condominium etc.) Your condominium's bank cannot accept payments made payable to Lundgren Management.

The Payee/Biller Address is PO BOX 844011, BOSTON, MA 02284-4011.

The Payee/Biller Account Number is your unique assigned 8-character OWNER ID. If you do not know your owner ID, please call the management office at 617-887-3333 and this will be provided to you. You should not list your condominium’s address or unit number as a substitute for your OWNER ID as this may result in improperly applied payments, returned payments, or delayed applications.


* Since your bank is submitting the payment on your behalf, be sure to keep your condominium’s specific collection deadlines in mind to avoid late fees! Some bank’s mail a paper check for you which can arrive after your “target” payment date depending on the US Postal Service. Most condominiums have a 5, 10, 15 or 30 day grace period so be sure to contact our office if you do not know your condominium’s collection policy. The target date for all payments should be the 1st of each month, not the late fee grace period date.

**It is also important to keep your online information current. Keep an eye out for notifications from us regarding changes to your condo fees, payment instructions, or new fees that you may not have set up. Be sure to check your account regularly to ensure you are current on all payments.

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